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Why we invested in

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nd why it will succeed in a huge, but crowded market

We are excited to announce our investment in, a digital marketing solution built specifically for SMBs. One of our partners Guy Poreh has been working for a while with the Otis team and he said we had to be in on their seed round.

Despite operating in a fairly crowded market of digital marketing automation, Otis managed to grow at a 20% MoM for the past 10 months it has been operating on.

Here are the reasons why we love Otis:

  • The teamMiguel Guerrero, Tom Madsen, Clarence Williams; have extensive experience building/selling companies and product teams, including an SMB product with an 8-figure exit, an online community with over 5M users, and product teams generating a $200M revenue stream

  • The market — SMB’s are the fabric of the US economy driving more job creation and revenue than any other sector. But nearly all business owners struggle with adopting the very practices that make their business grow, This pain point has fueled the growth of multi billion dollar companies from Intuit to Hubspot to Wix, all making business easier by creating digital products that are fast, easy, and beautiful. It is especially hard for the millions of small business owners to execute on digital marketing the main driver of growth for these businesses

  • The product — Otis harnesses the power of AI, formerly only available to major enterprises, to empower SMB’s with a mobile first, extremely easy and effective, all-in-one solution designed for growing SMBs to manage their digital marketing leveraging first-party customer data for marketing automation. Their secret sauce lies in the great AI and tech, and gorgeous mobile platform that makes digital marketing easy and fast

  • The GTM — Otis’ strong leadership team has managed to grow at a rate of 20% month over month, They now serve 2400 customers and keep growing. Recently they’ve put into place strategic channel partnerships with leaders in the SMB space like Intuit Quickbooks, Olo and Fiserv, each with millions of customers on their platforms, that will increase their reach to new clients exponentially and we expect the scale to expand in a significant manner:

I foresee good things happening to Otis in the coming months and very excited to be a part of this journey. Feel free to reach out to me if you want to learn more about Otis — Will be happy to connect you to the right contact there.

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