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We invest in the crazy ones


When they zig, we zag

The growing VC trend is to invest larger amounts of money in smaller numbers of companies and select them based on hype (hot vertical, serial founder, domain expertise).

We look for the exceptional companies. Those that operate outside the hype but in large industries. 

The crazy founders who think they can make the world a little better.

Early stage startups that show signs of revenue at seed stage and a good potential growth trajectory.

The companies we choose are not part of the bubble and will not be hurt when it explodes. They can also be evaluated using public market fundamentals that give us greater confidence in their potential even at an early stage

While other venture firms go narrow, We go wide. A more extensive journey to discover the diamond in the rough. 

And then we do everything we can to polish that diamond.

Meet The Team

Ohad Gliksman Headshot.jpeg

Ohad Gliksman

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Successfully building companies for over 20 years, Ohad’s greatest passion still lies in the early years of each company he has had the pleasure of creating. Having had the experience of an Investor, entrepreneur, board member and CEO, Ohad brings his broad perspective of what companies and especially startups need to do in order to be successful. Ohad is also an avid long distance triathlete who has completed several IronMan competitions and marathons. Little known fact about Ohad is that he is a passionate book reader and claims to read at least 3 books a week (though no one has actually verified that)

Shefa Rabin Headshot.jpeg

Shefa Rabin

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Shefa is a veteran of the sales and biz dev world, however he never limited himself to a single vertical. Creating value and founding companies in real estate, finance, logistics and eCommerce, Shefa's expertise comes from his understanding of building and managing sales teams. As someone with a background of the financial markets and investments, Shefa brings to the table a deep understanding of how investors evaluate startups and uses that expertise to help companies along their road to their end game. 

Favorite saying: Give me a point of fulcrum and I shall move the world (not sure if it’s his saying or some ancient greek guy)

Guy Poreh Headshot.jpeg

Guy Poreh

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Guy has successfully helped market some of the biggest brands in the world (Mars, Unilever, Dreamworks) as head of digital for BBDO Tel Aviv,  to some of the most exciting startups in the world (Wix, HYPR, Otis, CruxOCM, Aquant and more). Guy will always tell you that after dealing with so many brands over so many years, even a one eyed person can see the patterns and the clues that success leaves. He leverages that knowledge to help more and more companies and loves most to take companies from “we’re stuck this isn’t working, sales are so slow, nobody knows who we are and no one will fund us”, to “This is rocking! We’re on our way!”. He has been called “A wizard”, “Gandalf” and “James Bond”. He assures us he is none of those.

 Guy was also the senior adviser on digital, social and innovation for Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He loves the beach. And hanging out with his wife and two sons. And movies. And comic books. And movies about comic books.


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